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WOW! HOW EXCITING!!! The most thrilling chapter in your life is about to begin!!!!!

Your senior year is just around the corner. Let your senior photos be all about you, and your portraits will let the unique you shine through!

Your photo session is custom designed around your likes, hobbies, interests and all that makes your personality you. We offer unlimited clothing changes, whether you plan a 2-hour session, half a day session, or the ultimate “A Day In The Life“ session.

All sessions start at the studio and then off to fun locations of your choosing… glamour or grunge… rural farm to city street… all you want from underwater portraits to sky high portraits (we’ve been using drones to do aerial portraits for many years). After your portrait session is complete and you attend your ordering appointment, you will receive a video slideshow of your images for your use in any social media or possibly save that slideshow for your senior party. Sessions start at $200. Also, you could be selected to be one of our Senior Representatives and which lets you make a little money from your senior experience.


Your family history... photos are the record keeper. We all can find a reason to put off having family portraits taken. The most common reasons are we are too busy, I can’t get everyone together in one spot, I don’t like the way I look, etc. The excuses can go on forever, but life won’t. Capture those precious moments before they disappear.

The solution is an easy one. Just pick up the phone and call. We can work out a time to fit any schedule and fit your needs. Need a session in the middle of the afternoon, no problem. Need a session at 2:00 a.m. in the morning, again no problem (and yes, we have done family session at some of the most unusual times). Either at the studio or at your location, family sessions start at $100.


All ages of kids can be just plain fun. We let their personalities show in their portraits. Children can change so fast, and those moments are gone forever. Your portraits will keep them fresh in your memory. We love to just get in and play with the kids so that their true personality shines through in their portraits.

The sessions are actually fun for the kids, but also for the parents (and yes, we have fun and love it as well). We do their portraits in the studio, but parks or some other location that inspires the kids is also an option. These sessions start at $100.


Maternity photos are really fun. They can be elegant, emotional, sexy and so very memorable. We offer two hour sessions in our studio. Or, if you prefer, at your home if you are more comfortable. We welcome and encourage involvement of your husband or significant other. Even kids can join in with you for the portrait fun! All your feelings and love, captured forever with your inner beauty just glowing. Prices for this session begin at $199.

We also offer the “Watch Me Grow” program, starting with maternity portraits and continuing through baby’s first year. Maternity portraits are taken during month 7 or 8 of your pregnancy for the first session. The next session is the newborn shortly after birth up to 2 weeks of age, the next session at 6 to 9 months of age, with the last session at one year old. With this program you receive an 8” x 10” print from each session, and after the final session you’ll receive a custom designed 8” x 8” Memory Album of your baby’s first year… a keepsake that will be an instant family heirloom. This program makes a wonderful gift for yourself as well as the grandparents. Prices for this program begin at $599.


You will find that the magic from your wedding will be reflected in your portraits and photos… every special moment, every detail. We believe that this is the beginning of your new family history and you should be able to share your photo memories with all your loved ones both now and with your children years later.

We make photography for your magic day affordable. Each one of our three “Memories” packages includes a custom designed, fine art wedding album at no additional cost. Wedding coverage starts at $1,795. Some packages even include the digital negatives and unlimited coverage with two professional photographers. Availability is limited so call to check on available dates.

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